Skills and History

I mainly study Javascript and C#. I've been working with HTML / CSS / JS for over 4 years now, and I've taken several free courses on the subjects. As for C#, I've mostly learned through solitary research and self teaching. However, I did take a course from IDTech on C# and Unity Game Development. I understand many smaller subjects, such as minor knowledge of C++, Lua, LuaC, Node.JS (Specifically Discord.JS and Electron.JS), and even a bit a Java.

Other Skills and Accomplishments

Besides programming, I've also extensively studied Design and Artistry. I've hand painted and sketched many pieces of high quality art. You can find some of them on the Art page. I've also learned a ton about 3D Modeling, Color, Raytracing, Graphics and things related to 3D Rendering. You can also find a lot of my 3D renders on the Art page.

Current Biggest Projects

Currently my most anticipated project is easily "Deepworld Remastered", which is a WIP 2D Game based upon the Massively-Multiplayer MMORPG "Deepworld" created by Bytebin Studios (Jason and Laurence). I'm also currently working on a highly advanced API-Integrated Discord Bot called "Android Arthur V2", which has moderation and community tools to assist in managing Discord Guilds.